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Ep: 65 Career Pivoting for MilSpouses

May 14, 2019

Are you doing what you set out to do when you were a young adult? Has your career changed? You might say career pivoting is a natural part of life, but for military spouses it's essential to keep yourself employed if you want to work. I talk to one milspouse that has changed careers and gone from a working woman, stay at home mom, working mom, and now a work at home mom. It's okay to try out many different things and do what you want to do!


Christine Maxwell is a personal finance junkie but realizes that not everyone loves to talk money. Her blog, Her Money Moves is dedicated to making personal finance straightforward and fun with real-talk on careers, personal finance, and the military lifestyle.
Christine has been a SAHM, a working outside of the home mom, and even a remote-working mom. She has a degree in Finance, a Master of Aerospace Engineering Management, and over 15 years working in finance.
When she's not geeking out about personal finance, she's living her best OCONUS life with her active duty Army husband and pre-schooler son.


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